Fontaine 55 Ton Flat Level Deck

Fontaine 55 Ton Flat Level Deck (Magnitude 55HFLD Air Tridem - Model: MAGNITUDE55H)

Price: $7,000 to start production. (deposit only)

Base Weight: 22,082 +/- 3%

26' & 27' Deck/Well in Stock!


Capacity: 55 tons in 12-foot length with 4 axle close coupled or single axle stinger - GAWR and tire ratings determine legal payloads

Load Base: 12-foot rigid 2-point load centered in deck area

Framework: All main longitudinal members fabricated with 100,000# minimum yield steel flanges with 50,000# webs

Compatibility: Designed to accept 55/60 rear axle, spreader and/or 23 inch flip box -

Gooseneck Design: Hydraulic removable non-ground bearing design

Loaded Fifth Wheel Height:

50 inches nominal with 5 ride height positions

Swing Radius: 102 inches (11 feet 11 inches overall gooseneck length) - NGB

Alternate Kingpin: Removable kingpin at 102 inch radius 

Electrical Receptacle: J560 7-pin connector

Deck Width:

8 feet 6 inches overall (unless optional deck width is selected)


9 feet (Deck Only) **Note this option is only available with the 26 feet deck length** 

Deck Length:

Flat Level Deck (FLD) design - 25 feet clear deck length

26 feet clear deck length


27 feet clear deck length **Note: If 60 inch axle spread option is selected trailer is over 53 ft in length

Loaded Deck Height: 22 inches with 6 inches ground clearance

Flooring: 2 inch nominal wood - side rails only

Front Ramps:

None, front of deck sloped top down to assist in loading with traction cleats


Manual front approach ramps with risers 

Front Bogie Ramp: Included

Extension Brackets: 12 pair - 24 total removable swing type, 1 pair - 2 total heavy duty removable hook-on type (26 swing type, 2 hook-on type on 27 foot deck)

Deck to Bogie Connection: Fixed

Tool Box: 2 Fully covered trays in front of deck between mainbeams with lockable covers.

Crossmembers: Recess last 3 crossmembers in deck

Number of Axles: 3 axles.

Axle Capacity:

25,000 lb. nominal capacity per axle NOTE: GAWR determined by suspension type, brakes, tires and other components.

Axle Spread:

54.5 inches (between axles)


60 inches (between axles) 

Brakes: 16.5 inches x 7 inches with 5.5 inches autoslacks - heavy duty brake drums - outboard mount

Suspension: Air ride 

Third Axle Lift: Air lift

Tires: 275/70R 22.5 OEM Standard

Wheels: 8.25 x 22.5 steel disc - hub-piloted 

Bolsters: Recessed load bearing between all axles and rear of last axle

Rear Bogie Height: 40 7/8 inches to top flange - 36 5/8 inches to top of bolsters

Boom Trough: V-style boom trough with bolt-in V pan

Mechanical Ride Height Control: Mechanical ride height control valve (Whittle Style)

Manual Dump Valve: Manual Dump Valve (Push Pull)

Bumper: Heavy duty V-style rear bumper

Width: 8 feet 6 inches


Fontaine Magnitude 55H FLD 55 Ton Flat Level Deck Lowbed

26' Deck/Well & 27' Deck/Well Available