NEW Kalyn Siebert 40 Ton Mechanical Neck (Double Drop RGN)


Mechanical Removable Gooseneck trailer is lower to the ground and has a lower deck height than our standard Removable Gooseneck trailer, so it can transport taller loads when height restrictions are an issue. The lower weight of these trailers help to ensure a great weight-to-load capacity rating to maximize efficiency.

All Kalyn Siebert trailers are engineered to exceed the toughest standards in the industry, delivering:
• Maximum strength at low tare weights
• Lowest maintenance costs
• Longest service life
• The highest possible return on investment
• Capacity 80,000 lbs
• Five position hydraulic removable gooseneck
• Deck/gooseneck design ensure easy hook-up
Four beam design - 130,000 psi minimum yield flanges / 80,000 psi minimum yield webs
• 18 ̋ loaded deck height / 6 ̋ ground clearance

You can rest assured that our trailers protect your payload and your investment.