Fontaine 40 Ton Extendable

Fontaine 40 Ton Extendable - Renegade LXT40 Air Tandem (Model: RENEGADELXT40)

Price: $6,000 to start production. (deposit only)

Base Weight: 20,130# +/- 3%

Capacity: 40 tons in 16-foot length - GAWR and tire ratings determine legal loads

Load Base: 16-foot rigid 2-point load centered in deck

Framework: All main longitudinal members fabricated with 100,000# minimum yield steel flanges with 50,000# webs

Compatibility: Designed to accept optional flip neck extension and third flip axle

Length / Width: 47 feet 11 inches ** unless 34 60 deck length selected then overall length is 53 - 102 inches wide

Gooseneck Design: Mechanical removable with removable fifth wheel guide rollers - Combination figure-8 plate which provides 50 inches and 52 inches loaded - Swing radius of 81 inches

Gooseneck Platform: Full width gooseneck platform with 1 1/8 inch wood floor

Gooseneck Fenders: Aluminum fenders at rear of gooseneck

Electrical Receptacle: J560 7-pin connector

Deck Design: Flat level telescopic deck design

Deck Length:

29 feet 0 inches clear deck length (retracted) - 50 feet 0 inches (extended)


34 feet 0 inches clear deck length (retracted) - 60 feet 0 inches (extended) ** Note trailer overall length is 53 feet (optional)

Loaded Deck Height: 20 inches with 6 inches ground clearance

Flooring: 1 3/8 inch nominal wood (full width)

Crossmembers: On 24 inch centers

Front Ramps: None, front of deck sloped top down to assist in loading with traction cleats

Extension Brackets: Mounting brackets only

Front Bogie Ramp: Sloped steel bogie ramp (full width)

Deck to Bogie Connection: Fixed

Number of Axles: 2

Axle Capacity: 25,000 lb. nominal capacity per axle NOTE: GAWR determined by suspension type, brakes, tires and other components.

Axle Spread: 54.5 inches spread (between axles)

Brakes: 16.5 inches x 7 inches with 5.5 inches autoslacks - heavy duty brake drums - outboard mount

Spring Brakes: Spring brakes on 2 axles

Suspension: Air ride with automatic controls

First Axle Lift: Chain lift included on first axle when 34ft deck is selected

Tires: 255/70R 22.5 H ply OEM Standard

Wheels: 8.25 x 22.5 steel disc - hub-piloted

Covered Rear Bogie: Rear bogie platform with 1 1/8 inch wood floor

Rear Bogie Height: 41 inches

Bumper: 3 tail light package

Connections for Future Axle Attachment: Air and electrical connections to go along with connecting ears

Width: 8 feet 6 inches


Fontaine Renegade LXT40 40 Ton Extendable Lowbed


*All Sales Orders are DEPOSITS ONLY! To start production of a trailer a deposit is needed. An AXE sales rep will contact the buyer shortly after order is placed.

This deposit secures your trailer spot in the production line, and the deposit is deducted from overall trailer cost.

Thank you for your Business!

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